At Cal-Chip Connected Devices, we're able to leverage the world-wide logistics and warehousing infrastructure of our sister companies, Cal-Chip Electronics and Surface Mount Devices, who have been leading suppliers of electronic components for over 30 years. 

Our core mission stays the same—to supply all our customers on time, every time, and to the “Highest Quality Standards”.

The new technologies and ecosystems powering the IoT revolution are unique, and led us to the decision to launch a company dedicated and passionate about servicing IoT customers.

Our main goal is to provide our customers a “One-Stop-Shop” where they can buy the IoT hardware needed to power their deployments. We're committed to stocking the highest quality gateways, sensors, and accessories from the leading IoT OEMS. 

We've built a modern e-commerce store that accommodates customers needs ranging from a small number of sensors, to scaling alongside our customers, enabling them to globally deploy thousands of sensors.

Cal-Chip Connected Devices employs trained technical experts.

This assures that only the highest quality IoT products are distributed, while simultaneously creating an easy e-commerce experience, presenting our customers with technical information needed to make informed decisions.

We firmly believe all customers prefer and deserve several choices and multiple sources when it comes to IoT hardware.

In general, Cal-Chip Connected Devices is focused on standards based IoT technology including LoRaWAN, Cellular, and BLE. Our experts are also available to help customers with questions about IoT and solution options. 

With our combined experience within the IoT space, we've also observed that customers are seeking a wide range of solutions and services.

Some customers are internally staffed and have built their own full stack solution and just need a source to buy IoT sensors, actuators and gateways, while other customers prefer something turn-key and value the assistance of system integrators.

In either case, Cal-Chip Connected Devices is here to supply IoT hardware for all customer solution scenarios. We work closely with system integrators and data intelligence partners to support successful solution deployments for our mutual customers.

Please contact us to discuss customized services such as pre-provisioning, custom configuration, and solutions bundling. 

We have the experts that understand network servers, MQTT, DevEUIs, Appskey's, linux, SSH and IPSec. Let us help solve your logistics challenges blocking your deployments.    

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and fulfill all your IoT needs. 

Please check back frequently as we are adding suppliers and products to our e-commerce site daily. Our goal is to have the most comprehensive inventory of IoT sensors available! Don't hesitate to contact us if you don’t find the product you want, or if you need to secure inventory to support high volume deployments.