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FreedomFi Helium 5G SIM Card with 6 Months of Data Access
  • This product is currently only available and will only work in the US

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Use FreedomFi to access data wirelessly with your devices! The FreedomFi SIM Card is physical SIM card with 6 months of bundled data access starting on the date of activation. (FreedomFi customers will receive options to migrate to new SIM cards or extend before reaching expiration).

During the beta period, these SIM cards are for small cell customers to connect to their local networks. They can only be used to access data served by FreedomFi Gateways with active CBRS small cells. Access to your own infrastructure is always free and unlimited. Access to third party hotspots will be limited and metered, eventually requiring data plan top-ups.

Available to purchase in a pack of three or a single SIM card.

Please note that the FreedomFi SIM Card won't work everywhere in Hawaii. If you are interested in purchasing, please fill out this form here.

  • Choose between buying a single SIM card or a three pack.
  • 6 months of data access

CalChip Connect in partnership with gigsky

Once you have your FreedomFi Small Cell installed and running, you’re able to start utilizing the network! FreedomFi and CalChip Connect have partnered with GigSky to provide connectivity via an eSIM and are providing a 60-day free trial to everyone who purchases one. Already purchased a small cell? Download the GigSky app here and click the button below to redeem your 60-day “Helium Bundle” plan ($59.99 value)

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