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IoT Connectivity Provider

A platform with everything you need to

connect, protect, and control our own loT networks, devices, and data at scale.

Global Cellular Coverage

Deploy your devices in over 160 countries using one provider

Advanced SIM Technology

Intelligent SIMs for your smart IoT products

Self-Service Experience

Get up and running on your own with just a credit card

IoT Connectivity and Platform Services

Soracom provides IoT connectivity and platform services to over 20,000 businesses and over 4M connections, with solutions for every challenge in IoT. They're focused on making it easy to connect M2M devices at scale, with a powerful IoT SIM that provides connectivity in 160 countries. Soracom provides direct integrations with the world's leading cloud platforms, making it easy to transmit data from your device to AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Their team of IoT experts are on hand to learn more about your challenges, and to discuss how Soracom can help at every stage of your product development lifecycle.

No Contracts

Pay as You Go

Cloud Agnostic

Complete Network Control

Platform Benefits for Businesses

Soracom Global IoT SIM Card

Easily connect your device to the cloud with a Soracom IoT SIM Card, then access a whole world of possibilities – including Protocol Management, Cloud Integrations, Private IoT Networking, and more.

Our quarter-sized ecoSIM card uses 75%less plastic than a regular SIM, and breaksdown into 2FF, 3FF, and 4FF form factors.

  • Removable IoT SIM Card
  • Embedded eSIM
  • Pivot seamlessly between SIM and eSIM

About Soracom

Soracom is leading the democratization of IoT connectivity, offering robust solutions specifically designed to make it easy to build, operate, and scale IoT deployments. Founded in 2015, Soracom serves more than 20,000 startups, SMBs, and global enterprises across industries from agriculture, energy, construction and transportation to consumer electronics, manufacturing, real estate, and healthcare. Customers trust Soracom for affordable, reliable connectivity that accelerates speed to market, makes it easy to connect to the cloud, and offers access to a worldwide partner ecosystem.