Before contacting support, please read through our most popular questions below and see if the answers address your concerns: 

Q: When will my order for my RAK Hotspot Miner/s ship?

A: Check out the RAK Hotspot Miner Shipping Calculator. Simply select the frequency of your hotspot on order and type in your order number, then click search!

Cal-Chip Connected Devices provides weekly shipping updates every Wednesday from 4-5PM EST.  You can always find these shipping updates on the RAK Hotspot Miner order page under “Shipping Notice.”  Please do not bombard our support team with questions such as, “when will my order ship?”  The most up to date information is listed on the shipping update, and support will no longer be replying to shipping inquiries outside of these updates.

Q: What countries do you ship to?

A: Check out the RAK Hotspot Miner Shipping Countries and Frequency Map to see the countries we ship to and what frequency to choose based on your location.


Q: What if I ordered before there was a separate option for United Kingdom & Ireland?

A: If you are located in the United Kingdom or Ireland and placed your order before March 12th, 2021, you will get the correct version of hotspot and power plug shipped to you based on your shipping location. This is just an FYI, there are no action steps that need to be taken.

Q: Can I add an additional RAK Hotspot Miner to my existing order?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to combine orders or increase the quantity of devices after an order has already been confirmed and paid for.  This ensures the order queue stays accurate and there are no accounting discrepancies.  Feel free to place an additional order and the orders will ship out organically in the order they were received.


Q: Can I edit my shipping address for an existing order?

A: Yes, email with this request and after a few verification questions, the shipping address will be updated by a member of our support team.


Q: How do I earn HNT?

  • When a device sends information over the network using your hotspot

  • By initiating PoC Challenges over the internet

  • By participating in a PoC Challenge

  • By acting as a Witness to a PoC Challenge between nearby hotspots

  • Being a part of a Consensus Group


Q: Can I cancel my Order and get a Refund?

A: Unfortunately, we do not accept any cancellation requests or issue refunds, as outlined in the refund policy posted on our site. Refund policy | Cal-Chip Connected Devices  The only exceptions are RAK Hotspot Miner orders prior to fulfillment.


Q: What’s the difference between the RAK Hotpot Miner V1 and V2?

A: The RAK Hotspot Miner v1 updated version contains enhanced security features, eliminating the need to back up the SD card.

 The RAK Hotspot Miner v2 will also have the same enhanced security features, including a side pairing button for easier user configuration.  There will also be covers over the exposed ports, creating a sleeker look.


Q: When will my RAK Hotspot Miner V2 ship?

A: Please note that the devices are in pre-order status only and are still being manufactured at this time.  When you place an order, you are locking in your place in line and reserving your Hotspot. These devices are scheduled to START shipping out in late March of 2021 and will continue in batches throughout the spring.


Q: How does shipping work?

A: The orders are being shipped out in the same order they were received, as soon as we get to your place in line, your order will be shipped.  You will receive an email confirmation of this including a tracking number so you can check on your Miner's progress on making its way to you.  If you have not yet received a tracking number, your order has not yet been shipped.


Q: Can my RAK Hotspot Miner run off 2G?

A: No, a 4G network is essential for operational efficiency.  2G will not work, the PoC and Consensus traffic is time critical.


Q: Can you recommend an external antenna for my hotspot?

A: Currently, we cannot advise on any external antennas outside of the antenna that comes with the product, because that is the antenna that meets product certification and FCC regulations. 

Feel free to join the Helium Community on Discord where members are always willing to give feedback and advice on all different topics.


Q: Do you offer any discounts on bulk orders?

A: We do not offer any discounts outside of randomized flash sales and special occasions, in which we will announce the upcoming discount.  If you are looking to order more than 50 RAK Hotspot Miners, please email our Director of Business Accounts, for forecasts and payment plan options.


Q: Can I place my Hotspot outdoors?

A: Yes, although you will need to purchase an additional outdoor enclosure to protect it from the environmental conditions.  It’s also important to note the operation and storage temperature requirements as shown in the table below:


Q: Can I have more than one hotspot in my house?

A: If hotspots are too close (within 300 meters or so) they will end up competing for Challenges and their overall participation in Proof-of-Coverage would be impacted.  It's better to have them spaced out, at least a few houses or blocks away, to broaden the network coverage.


Q: Can you help solve issues with onboarding, connectivity, or answer questions regarding the Helium Network itself?

A:  Cal-Chip Connected Devices is a third-party manufacturer, while Helium is the network provider.  For any troubleshooting issues please email for assistance. 


Q:  I have gone through all the troubleshooting steps with Helium, and it has been determined that the device might be defective, what’s the next step?

A:  After undergoing all the troubleshooting steps with the Helium Support Team, you will need to email to start the RMA Process.  

Q: Who should I contact with questions?

For questions and inquiries, please email: and allow 4-6 business days for someone from the support team to respond, though we do strive for 48-hour response times.