About Elexa

Headquartered in the Chicagoland area, Elexa Consumer Products designs and manufactures a wide range of consumer IoT products under the brand names Dome Home Automation, Guardian by Elexa, and Guardian Property Systems. The products they create range from door sensors, alarms, leak detectors, automated water shut-off systems, and more. Their goal is to create innovative devices that are easy to install and integrate while also providing convenience, security, and peace of mind to our users. 

Elexa Portfolio

The LoRaWAN Leak Detector is a wireless, battery-powered water sensor intended for integration with LoRaWAN gateways. The Leak Detector will notify the gateway on sensing water. It can be placed near bathrooms, washing machines, and other appliances or fixtures and will keep an eye out for water leaks. It can detect as little as three drops of water. Three separate set of sensors, the Bottom (Main) Sensors, the Drip Tray, and the Remote Sensor Probe (optional), act together to monitor any appliance or fixture for leaks.
  • 15-year battery life
  • Optional remote sensor to fit tight spaces
  • 1000' Wireless range
  • Detects freezing temperatures
  • LED and buzzer notifications
  • Movement sensor enables tamper detection