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We don't just sell you a product (though our products are awesome) — we deliver support, expertise and insight that's tailored to your exact needs. Because we know that when it comes to IoT, one size does not fit all.

Air Quality

Indoor humidity ok. 55% high, 30% low...

Movement Detected

Tracking scooter location...

Child Safety Tracking

Movement detected...

Water Detected

Leak has been detected.

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Private 4G/5G Solutions
You may know it as CBRS, or Private LTE, or OnGo. However you know it, it's the technology that allows any business, city, or organization to deploy and operate their own private cellular network. No more running mission-critical applications over Wi-Fi. No more running Ethernet and fiber cables throughout your building or under your parking lot. No more monthly bills from the carriers. Private 4G/5G networking equipment is here, and it is transforming industries across the country.
Vertical Market Solutions
Our market-specific IoT solutions solve vexing problems, turbocharge connectivity, and increase capabilities. Find your technology and competitive edge here.

Plug-N-Play Solutions
One of the main things we pride ourselves on here at CalChip Connect is removing the complexities of IoT and creating an easy, plug-n-play experience for our customers. We provide the easiest, most cost-effective method of connecting anything to the cloud through ease of deployment.
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