CalChip Connect Installer Program

CalChip Connect has customers that require 1500+ sites to be installed nationwide, and we expect this to continue to grow. In an effort to support the community and expansion of the Helium Network, we are looking for installers nationwide to partake in building the network, and making a little money along the way.

Become an Installer and earn rewards


Think you’ve got what it takes and want to earn up to $100 per hour? Sign up now to get the ball rolling! Not sure if you’re qualified? Not a problem. Leave that up to us to determine. CalChip will provide all kitted equipment ready to install, along with instruction guides and a system to utilize to optimize installations. If you’re interested, fill out the form we'll get back to you on next steps. 

Sign-up today to get started. We're in high-demand of installers nationwide.

Work as quickly as one week! Once onboarding has been completed, you can get started as soon as possible.

Earn a $200 bonus as an installer after your 4th successful installation.

Help Us Build The Helium 5G Network

Become an Installer

Get paid per job and receive incentives


Refer an Installer

Earn $50 for every referral


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