Our Education Solutions

IoT solutions for students of every age

From pre-school through college and beyond, student safety is critical. CalChip Connect provides emergency and crisis management response solutions to help enforce security protocols in every corner of your campus. But CalChip Connect IoT solutions for Education don’t stop there.

We connect the dots to provide:

  • Broad band connectivity that closes the digital divide for students on campus and off , and allows the easy set-up of a private cellular network on campus for connecting Facilities and teacher’s devices.
  • Environmental monitoring – from temperature checks in cafeteria refrigerators to dorm floor heat and humidity – to bring data, analytics, and efficiency to your operation

  • CO2 monitoring for classrooms to decrease drowsiness and increase productivity

  • Automated fever scans and digital hand sanitizer dispensers to not only prevent spread of disease, but track vulnerabilities

  • Asset tracking that helps prevent theft while monitoring valuables from school vehicles to laptop computers
  • Student access monitoring that produces real-time head counts and a clear picture of where students are and where they shouldn’t be
  • Help buttons to provide a fast, immediate, and reliable way for students and staff to contact you so that you can properly respond to any situation
  • Smoke and vape detection to enforce rules and keep students and facilities safe
  • Peace-of-mind with real-time status and alerts through mobile and desktop applications

Education Solutions Available For Purchase

CrisisGo Safety OneClick Kit

Safety OneClick allows organizations to utilize help buttons based on LoRaWAN wireless technology, which presents a fast and reliable alternative to wi-fi. The process is simple, reliable, and immediate. Once the IoT button is pressed during an incident, the LoRaWAN gateway transmits the signal to CrisisGo, and an Alert is immediately activated, allowing your organization to properly respond.

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