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Pollen Mobile Elderflower & Honeybee eSIM Bundle
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Good news! With Pollen Mobile's help, we've enhanced our provisioning flow and cut our time to fulfillment in half. Orders will ship within 7 business days.

The Elderflower is an outdoor antenna that is ideal for providing high speed coverage to a smaller outdoor area for a large number of users. Maximum Deployment range may be up to 5km. 

Flowers are antennas that wirelessly transfer data between your internet service provider and users of the Pollen network.

One (1) Honeybee eSIM is included in the bundle price and will be electronically delivered to you by Pollen within 48 hours of order fulfillment (aka when the Elderflower ships). The NFT will be sent within 48 hours after the Honeybee eSIM is delivered to the Solana Wallet you provide. 

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Pollen Mobile AGW  (running the Pollen Mobile mobile core built on Magma)
  • 1 x Baicells Nova430i - Pre-provisioned with Pollen Mobile - Plug-and-Play Outdoor Small Cell
  • 1 x Honeybee eSIM electronically delivered to you by Pollen within 48 hours of order fulfillment (aka when the Elderflower ships).

Hardware Specifications

  • Internal GPS
  • Weight: AGW: 0.9 lbs; Radio: 11.5
  • Protection Level: AGW: IP30; Radio: IP65
  • Temperature Range: AGW: 5°C to 35°C; Radio: -40°C to 55°C
  • Radio: 3550 MHz - 3700 MHz

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need Help? We've got you covered!

    How do I get the Honeybee IOS app?

    The Honeybee iOS app is in beta testing and is currently invite only. For those users who did receive access, it came in the form of an invitation to Test Flight. The app will be available in the App Store in the coming weeks, after we finish beta testing.

    I don't have an IOS device. Can I still use the Honeybee eSIM and app?

    You can still use the Honeybee eSIM by installing it on your phone. By doing this, you will be able to validate coverage and earn credits for doing so. Unfortunately, you will not be able to "drop Pollen" without the app—and right now the app is only available for iOS. We are targeting an Android rollout in the near future.

    Can I use the Honeybee eSIM without using the app?

    Yes. The Honeybee eSIM will automatically attach to nearby Flowers to validate the network. This happens in the background without you having to take any action.

    The difference between a Honeybee with no app and a Honeybee app is the ability to drop Pollen. With the Honeybee iOS app, you can drop Pollen everywhere where that you go to incentivize Flowers to grow in those places. In the near future, Flowers that provide continuous coverage (30 days) to those areas where Pollen has been dropped can be rewarded with the bounty of the drops. 

    What can I do with the Honeybee app that I can't just do with the Honeybee eSIM?

    The Honeybee app introduces a new concept to the Pollen ecosystem—Pollen Drops. You can drop Pollen in areas where there is no Pollen coverage to signal to the network that coverage is needed. In the near future, Flowers that provide continuous coverage (30 days) to those areas where Pollen has been dropped will be rewarded with the bounty of the drops. 

    How do rewards work for dropping Pollen?

    Honeybee eSIMs that are paired with the Honeybee iOS app will also ‘Pollen Drop’ in every Hex visited, with each drop earning the Honeybees 0.1 PIC (up to 10 PICs per day). These Pollen Drops will accumulate over time (for a maximum 180 day rolling period) as an additional rewards bonus for Flowers that provide coverage in the same Hex for more than 30 days.

    Can I both have a Honeybee eSIM and a Hummingbird eSIM on my device?

    Yes, it's possible to do this if your device supports multiple eSIMs. To switch between which eSIM you are using, go to the settings and toggle on / off the appropriate eSIM. 

    If you are using the Honeybee iOS app with the Hummingbird eSIM, the rewards will only go to the owner of the Honeybee NFT. 

    Is the Honeybee private?

    No. Honeybee SIMs validate the Pollen Mobile network, similar to Bumblebees, and as such they upload logging data such as GPS and details on Flower attaches. When paired with the Honeybee mobile app, Honeybees will also upload things like phone version, carrier, and operating system. 

    How does the Honeybee earn PCN?

    Honeybees earn 1 Pollen Incentive Credit (PIC) per unique Flower attach per day. So if your phone attaches to 5 unique Flowers on Monday, on Tuesday you will have received 5 PICs.  

    What kind of device do I need to use my SIM?

    Pollen operates on Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), which is also known as LTE band 48. It is available only in the US, and requires a device that supports band 48. See here for a list of band 48 supported devices.

    What's the difference between a Hummingbird eSIM and a Honeybee eSIM?

    The Hummingbird allows you to connect to and use the Pollen Mobile network from your phone privately. For connecting, you will earn 1 Pollen Incentive Credit (PIC) per day. By contrast, the Honeybee allows you to connect to the Pollen network from your phone, but it also validates the network and thus is not private as you will be uploading logs. Honeybees earn 1 PIC per day per unique Flower.  

    My phone won't let me install the eSIM. What's up?

    There are some known restrictions on installing an eSIM, the main one being that if you have a carrier locked phone you won't be able to use it. A carrier locked phone is one that was given to you by the carrier (e.g. Verizon) and it came pre-loaded with the SIM.

    What's the best way to use my Bumblebee?

    The job of the Bumblebee is to ping Flowers and validate the network coverage, so the best way to use your Bumblebee is to put in your car, bicycle, drone, or some other moving device and go for a tour of your surrounding area. 

    What kind of power supply would work for a Bumblebee

    We’ve been testing with a few different powerbanks and have good success with this one from Anker

    What information is being sent to the pollen network from the Bumblebee?

    Bumblebees report data back to the Pollen network to help us build a reliable map of coverage information. Data reported by Bumblebees includes date / time, GPS location, and network traffic statistics (e.g., ping times, upload / download speeds, signal strength) in addition to their own unique identifier and the unique identifiers of Flowers for which coverage is verified. 

    How long does it take to attach to a Flower?

    It can take up to one minute to attach to a Pollen tower. This means that it's possible for you to drive by a tower and not attach to it. When the network becomes more dense, you will stay more connected as there will be handoffs from one tower to the next. 

    Why is the GPS light red?

    When you have a red GPS light, this means that your Bumblebee has a GPS fix but has not synchronized its system clock to the GPS clock yet. You can wait 5 minutes, or reboot your Bumblebee to start the process over again. We're working on improvements to make this much faster.

    What is the difference between a Bumblebee and a Honeybee?

    Bumblebees are external hardware devices that validate the Pollen network. Honeybees are SIM based and must be installed on a band 48 compatible mobile device, and they can also be used to validate the Pollen network. 

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    Terms & Conditions of Purchase

    • Customer must read all the FAQs related to the purchase of Elderflower & Bumblebee
    • Customer understands that a valid SOL wallet address is required before shipping of the Elderflower
    • Elderflowers must be installed at least 20 feet above ground
    • A restocking fee of 15% will be assessed for returns on all Pollen Mobile devices
    • For any products used for blockchain and/or cryptocurrency mining functions the definition of “fails electrically” is strictly limited to the items ability to power up properly and connect to its respective blockchain. Poor mining performance is NOT a valid DOA condition. See "“Dead On Arrival” (DOA) Policy"
    • Due to the provisioning process that takes place post order, shipping time may take up to 14 business days
    • If you choose to return unopened Pollen Mobile equipment to CalChip for an eligible refund, the cost of return shipping and shipping insurance will be deducted from the eligible return amount, in addition to applicable restocking fees.
    • If you live in an area that has an HOA, please make sure there is no issue with you installing the outdoor small cell.

    Provisioning Disclaimer

    CalChip Connect, Inc is not responsible for errors or omissions in blockchain provisioning resulting from information submitted on this form, including incorrect or incomplete Solana wallet addresses used to provision Pollen Mobile compatible equipment.

    CalChip Connect, Inc takes every precaution to ensure data is current and accurate. Changes to Pollen’s blockchain, governing laws, or other systems outside CalChip Connect, Inc’s control can cause delays, omissions or inaccuracies for which CalChip Connect, Inc cannot be held accountable.

    In no event shall CalChip Connect, Inc be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tort, arising out of or in connection with the use of this provisioning service or the contents of the provisioning service. CalChip Connect, Inc reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents of the provisioning service at any time without prior notice.

    The provisioning service is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.