SKU: GTW-000125-915-VIR


MachineQ’s Area 8c indoor gateway provides secure and reliable LoRaWAN® connectivity that works right out of the box. Engineered in-house by MachineQ’s LoRaWAN® experts, this plug-and-play gateway makes it easy for customers to deploy a dedicated LoRaWAN® network to power their IoT solutions. The Area 8c gateway is proven at scale for enterprise-grade deployments, providing superior propagation deep indoors with optional LTE backhaul to minimize deployment challenges.  With MachineQ’s secure backhaul, the Area 8c provides an extra layer of security between the gateway and network server for end-to-end encryption. 

Key Features

  • Includes 1-year license to MachineQ Platform (LNS)
  • RF optimized and certified for best-in-class propagation
  • Designed to support thousands of devices and millions of transmissions per day
  • Supports flexible backhaul media (ethernet and cellular)
  • Automated failover logic and payload caching help to reduce loss of data due to outages
  • MachineQ's secure backhaul streamlines gateway deployment and provides end-to-end encryption

Technical Documentation

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Getting Started Guide
MachineQ Area 8c Gateway for LoRaWAN® w/ 1-Year Connectivity License