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SEP 14, 2022

Video: Helium 5G Wi-Fi AP Setup

Helium 5G Network Wi-Fi Access Point Bundle Review

See below what NTC Reviews has to say about the Helium Wi-Fi AP.

From NTC Reviews:

I have been expanding my Helium network. I recently installed a FreedomFi 5G CBRS Indoor Bundle in my home and it is running well. I am not only providing 5G cellular and data to subscribers using the network but I am also mining $MOBILE tokens. I feel that there is something very viable about this Helium network and the future looks bright.

In order to use the Helium 5G network, mobile devices need to add a SIM card or eSIM to gain access. I recently received a Helium 5G Wi-Fi Access Point Bundle that will make the process of using the Helium 5G network for my own devices, guests and of course my family members… Super Simple!

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