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jul 14, 2022

Video: Helium 5G Wi-Fi Troubleshooting


Fix Multitech CBRS Not Connecting to Internet

The issue is with the IPv4 IPv6 settings on the unit. These steps should happen automatically upon plugging in the device, but if you run into any issues, please try the troubleshooting steps outlined here.

1. On a Windows PC, download and install the Tera Term Utility from here.

2. During the Tera Term installation process, under “Select Additional Tasks”, be sure to check “all” boxes.

3. Download the attached script file: mtcapw-freedomfi.ttl

4. Connect your Windows PC directly to the Multitech MTCAPW via a network cable

a. The MTCAPW should not be connected to the internet

5. Right click the mtcapw-freedomfi.ttl file on your connected Windows PC and open with "Tera Term Macro Interpreter"

6. Wait until the script successfully executed and the unit begins to automatically reboot.